Preparing educators for their future with technology.

The EducatorU team features highly experienced educators and IT professionals. Our team helps schools and districts with every aspect of edtech planning and development. We support schools with device and application deployment as well as professional development. Our goal is to help educators use technology as a tool for learning in order to build positive school cultures.

Going 1:1? Going Google Apps for Education? Going iPads in the Classroom? 

The EducatorU team can help whether you are adding a single device or going 1:1 for an entire district. Our team creates unique professional development programming and can support Google Apps for Education account creation, iPad deployment, Chromebook deployment, infrastructure consultations, community outreach, and classroom design. 

The EducatorU team includes a highly experienced group of educators and IT professionals fluent in pedagogy and technology integration. Our team can support all aspects of a successful learning program. We help districts move to 1:1 programs and are able to provide comprehensive services.

All members of our team have first hand experience in 1:1 learning environments and school building projects.                         

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