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The EducatorU team features highly experienced dynamic educators and IT professionals. Our team has helped schools and districts with every aspect of edtech planning. We support schools with device deployment, training, professional development, and the development of a positive school learning culture.

Going 1:1? Moving to Google Apps for Education? EducatorU can help.


What We Do

Our team can offer a wide range of services, including out-of-box device training, long-term professional development, data migration, infrastructure consultations, account creation, archiving, community and parent outreach, app selection and demonstration, and classroom design. All members of our team have first hand experience with school building projects.

Our Services

EducatorU Team

Our team employs a range of professionals fluent in pedagogy, device deployment, training and professional development, infrastructure, and community outreach. We have helped multiple districts move to 1:1 programs, and are able to provide comprehensive services for clients. All members of our team have first hand experience in 1:1 learning environments.

Our Team

The EducatorU Blog

Check out the EducatorU blog for updates and information about our team and our services. Our blog features posts about technology in the classroom and best practices for creating the most dynamic digital learning environments. We are always learning and sharing. The EducatorU blog highlights some of our new ideas and projects.

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